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talk&drink café - bar

In this project we had to convert an existing metallic shell in a cafe. We hid everything exterior with cement boards leaving windows from column to column. The outside space of the cafe is protected by metallic shelters that can rotate and change positions. Our interior architecture was minimal, using tranparent materials in the furniture and especially in our main elements, the curved transparent curtains that are placed in order to create more private spaces. 
The design process for this large (600m2) supralocal pharmacy forced us to shift our viewpoint and come up with a virtual building—a placebo pharmacy. The octagonal shape of the existing structure was re-formed into a cylinder in order to create a spiral which seeks to converse with the rapid motion on Vouliagmenis Avenue, the urban artery on which the building stands. The panels of the façade are perforated using Braille, which both alludes to the system’s use on pharmaceutical packaging and boosts visibility by allowing the light to find its way into the interior. The new facade also protects the interior while acting as a lure for passers-by. Inside, the product display mirrors the circular frontage, while a ramp up to the upper level extends the dynamism of the exterior spiral into the interior