Personalised Art

Inspiration Links


Archdaily is an ideal site to check-up
on the newest building developments, competitions
up-coming architect's and their designs.
It is helpfull to students in that designs
are backed-up by architectural and public comments.   
This iste provides a base for presenting a final project.



The Contemporist page on Facebook allows
for easy access and a larger social network
to view a variety of interior designers work. The strength of the site invites the public
to comment, suggest and insert opinions
and adverts which help me to further my studies
in selected projects.  
World page on Facebook gives the viewer an opportunity to study buildings that I found
to be inspirational throughout the world.
I use this site as a quick image finder
which then leads meto lerm more about
the arhitec and building's location. 


Viewing the images in Architecture Bax
page on Facebook presents a variety of inspirationl works whether through sculpture, furnishing, interior designs and architectural buildings. This site provides a student further in-depth views into a project. 
To view unsual and modern interior furnishings or spaces Design Bar on Facebook is an ideal choice. It is an inspirational page for a student needs to brainstorm create of ideas.

In order to see a major project from inside-out the best place such works in the Architizer Homes + Interiors.
There are many plans, photographs and comments which are helpful to back-up my personal projects.