Personalised Art




The asphalt factory building given is located at Whitstable harbour. The aim of the project ia to design the facade of the existing building, while at the same time presenting an aesthetically pleasant facade in its present environment. Research based on the local area showed that residents claim that "[they] think the building is ugly" and visitors report "it should be replaced." 

The design concept will be based on the building's specialism as well as to the local roads surrounded by it. The building has indented vertical strips which represent a continuation of the neighboring roads. These linear spaces give a renewed presence to the building creating a general acceptance by the public. Its second function, is to provide the building with a cooling system for the factory with the use of vertical glass water tanks. The whole building serves as a resevoir. Each water tank segment is connected to a burner so that  each time the burner draws water, it creates water movement  along the building's walls. This gives the sense of moving lines as someone passes the building. During day light hours colourfull lights are created inside the building from the water effect and during evening times it presents itself as a spectacular colour perfomance to the public.