Personalised Art




The National Art Museum located in Valletta (Malta), is an urban and architectural gem for the simple reason that its buildings were always innovative for their time. The aim of the project is to expand the museum with an appropiate and aesthetically functional design. In this project I choose to develop a modern design for the building contrasting the image of Valletta, which has been characterized in the past as 'an expression  of the change of cultural and social values over the course of time'. (Francesco Bandarin) Also the fact that Valletta is an EU member, contemporary architecture and design must be understood as an integral part of the cultural continuation. On the other hand, inspired by Unger's phrase 'structure within a structure' I developed my design method "Box within a box". Meaning that I create a smaller box within a larger one. The smaller box represents modernity (future) which develops from the bigger box (Past). 

So, through this project I am aiming to introduce something "break throughing", but at the same time allowing the existing building to maintain its own strongest characteristics of its time.