Personalised Art



  As a descendant of the ancient Greeks I can say that my cultural environment has played a large role in my observation of my world and the objects around me. Architecture and Interior Architecture for me, combines the aesthetic and the functional form in a way no other field does for it unites practical considerations with an artistic element. The design of a building or any other living space goes beyond satisfying the principles of physics and engineering. It should, in my way of thinking, also satisfy the senses for its conception, vision, and balance.  For the above reasons and wanting to explore my natural artistic inclination in a more scientific frame-work, I chose to follow a course in architecture and design. 

To this end, I selected to attend the IB program for its innovative visual arts course, having transferred from a Greek school curriculum. Within this program I enjoyed the strong research emphasis and the developement of my technical skills, exploiting the liberties this program encourages. During that time I worked on a project with abstract forms infusing my work with Delaunay’s influences. Through this abstractness I found the freedom that realism discourages. The colors I enjoy come from the pallet of both pastels and vibrancy, the interplay of which can create a dramatic effect, giving depth and perspective to my works.

Attending UCA I found the first year to be strongest in developing the architectural concept and engineering aspect, where model-making, problem-solving and material knowledge were required. Following this through, the second year provided a stronger base in implementing this talent into a more artistic and playful manner which focused on concept and vision. UCA’s architectural course develops a strong dependency on the three principles: concept, vision and balance. These have further expanded my abilities to further my use of media, vision and creation for interior design. Yet, to the core, engineering still holds as a base to the experimentation and the design whole.

My art works incorporate bold movement within a selected space yet also extending beyond it with the use of mixed media. As a stepping stone, this process has led my architectural pieces to stand as solid structures with possibilities of movement. The aim of my design works is to be multi-faceted and most of all functional; its aesthetics work parallel and simply.

A further interest of mine although not directly related to architecture is fashion design. I particularly enjoy unconventional combinations of styles and materials such as putting together elements from an ancient Greek garment with modern elements, usually of a luxurious taste. In addition to this, I enjoy bringing old styles into a modern context by making adjustments in color, design and even textiles. This kind of work has allowed me to develop very good spatial perception and has made me become familiar with the process of seeing an idea develop into a final piece.     

Beyond these artistic interests of mine, I’m fortunate to be living in a city, Athens, which has the unique characteristic of combining some of the most majestic architectural constructions, with an urban landscape transformed for the 2004 Olympic Games by the famous structural designs of Calatrava. In my free time I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, as I do not believe inspiration as the only force behind creation. For this reason such visits are necessary. I cannot forget the impact from my visit to the National Art Gallery and the New Acropolis Museum, it had on my own creativity. I have found the influences in color and form, very forceful. I enjoy visiting parts of Athens where old buildings, such as warehouses and abandoned factories, are now being transformed into fashionable clubs and trendy shopping areas. This is where I confirm my dream to become an interior architect because I see myself being part of this exciting and dynamic new trend. Architecture and design can breathe new life into something which seems neglected and this fascinates me.