Personalised Art


2 IN 1


In this project I was assigned to create a multi-functional object and investigate the relationship between the artefact's structure, material and usage. My aim was to design and construct a piece of furniture that intergrates two different functions, that could work for the public and the private space alike. 

The functional furniture combines the abilities of a chair and a luggage bag. It can be used by anyone as a carriage bag on small trips or as a chair and storage space in an interior environment. It is a convenient wooden furniture for small trips and is additionally very comfortable to sit on. The spaces of the furniture can only fit specific items, just the necessities for our traveler's trips. It has 8 storage spaces which are used to store small things during trips. The fornt can be used for clothing and shoes and at the sides for additional clothing, diaries and other small items. On top there is a space for a filling system which could be used for placing scripts, pens or other graphic materials.